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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Formula for Osmosis Skin Care

I have been stocking the Osmosis Skin Care Range for over 5 years now and my clients just love it!
Ben Johnson, the creator of Osmosis Skin Care has been perfecting the range throughout this time and we are now experiencing Osmosis like never before.
I love the Osmosis products because it is not laden with strong fruit acids or chemicals that strip the skin.
Using Osmosis for myself and my clients, I have learnt that you can achieve fabulous results without going through the downtime as experienced with some ranges.
Osmosis uses liposomal delivery technology to get ingredients deep within the skin. One of the most popular forms of Vitamin A used in products today is Retinol..... Osmosis uses a different form of Vitamin A - Retinaldehyde - a stabilized, patent pending form of Retinaldehyde that will not degrade and has the the ability to stimulate collagen whilst remaining potent unlike any other form of Vitamin A on the market today. My clients have not had any sun sensitive issues as they have had from previous use of Retinol - the alcohol version of Vitamin A.

Sound great? Well it is! If you would like to start on the Osmosis Retinaldehyde and your main concern is anti ageing you will need the Osmosis Correct Serum. Start off by using this every night after you cleanse and before your moisturiser. Then after a few weeks, start using it morning and night.

If your main priority is calming the skin and treating rosacea, I recommend you start off on the Osmosis Mend Serum. I have found this key for clients wanting to strengthen and support a sensitive/rosacea skin. The mission of Mend is to make the skin strong again, and that it does!

If want to target breakouts and minimize pores, the Osmosis Clarify Serum is for you. An extremely effective serum containing our best friend - Retinaldehyde.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about Osmosis and incorporating it into your regime here I am happy to assist.

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Sarah Wilkinson
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