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Friday, November 11, 2011

Palm Oil in Skin Products? Did you know?

Palm oil seems to be in most things these days. I was aware that it was in most foods that we eat. I'm sure that over half a supermarket is full of the stuff!
But little did I know that Palm Oil also goes by the name of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Found in most cleansers, dishwashing detergents, washing powders, soap and COSMETICS!

Why you may ask is this such a problem? Well I have a problem with our amazing wildlife being destroyed for the sake of cheap ingredients and short term gain.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is derived from Palm Kernel Oil. Originating in West Africa, Palm Kernel Oil is now mostly grown, harvested and exported from Malaysia and Indonesia at unsustainable levels.
Borneo and Sumatra are in a serious situation where they are clearing so much of their lush habitats to plant massive palm oil plantations.
Companies are irresponsibly not labelling Palm Oil on their products but hiding this name amongst 20 other aliases such as vegetable oil!.

We didn't always use palm oil, so why today? I believe there are alternatives that could be used to achieve the same effect of Palm Oil, it may cost us a few extra cents; but no more cost to the environment and its wildlife.

It is Orangutan Awareness Week this Sunday at Belmore Park.  Sunday 13th November you can show your support for the Orangutans and help raise money to help prevent this beautiful creature along with many other animals that are facing extinction in Malaysia and Indonesia.

What can you do??
Purchase Sodium Lauryl Sulfate FREE cosmetics! There are plenty out there, I sell Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free products and have done so for many years. I chose not to use these products as they are irritating on the skin, and an extremely harsh chemical.

Please read more on the health issues with using this ingredient :

Wikipedia -


It has been shown to irritate the skin of the face with prolonged and constant exposure (more than an hour) in young adults.[14] SDS may worsen skin problems in individuals with chronic skin hypersensitivity, with some people being affected more than others.[15][16][17] In animal studies SDS appears to cause skin and eye irritation.[13]  

Brands I stock that are free of this harsh ingredient:

Botanical Blessings    
Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up

Get skin savy and make the switch today.
Your skin and body and the Orangutans will thank you greatly!

Happy Skin Days, 

Sarah Wilkinson

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

View Jane Iredale's Discontinued Items for Nov 2011

Yes, sad but true! Some of the Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up Products are discontinued. I do have some left in stock though. The items in pink are the items I have left in stock but only 1 or 2 of each, so be quick to grab your favourite product!
Click on the product name and you will be directed to the Skin Matrix Shopping Cart area where you can purchase online or you can call me direct to order. 

Discontinued Products:
Apple Lip Gloss
Toffee Lip Gloss

Lip Crayon Tempting
Lip Crayon Luscious 
Longest Lash Dark Blonde
Longest Lash Dark Auburn
Longest Lash Ripe Plum
Artists Eyes
Terra Liquid Minerals

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Happy Skin Days, 
Sarah Wilkinson
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Formula for Osmosis Skin Care

I have been stocking the Osmosis Skin Care Range for over 5 years now and my clients just love it!
Ben Johnson, the creator of Osmosis Skin Care has been perfecting the range throughout this time and we are now experiencing Osmosis like never before.
I love the Osmosis products because it is not laden with strong fruit acids or chemicals that strip the skin.
Using Osmosis for myself and my clients, I have learnt that you can achieve fabulous results without going through the downtime as experienced with some ranges.
Osmosis uses liposomal delivery technology to get ingredients deep within the skin. One of the most popular forms of Vitamin A used in products today is Retinol..... Osmosis uses a different form of Vitamin A - Retinaldehyde - a stabilized, patent pending form of Retinaldehyde that will not degrade and has the the ability to stimulate collagen whilst remaining potent unlike any other form of Vitamin A on the market today. My clients have not had any sun sensitive issues as they have had from previous use of Retinol - the alcohol version of Vitamin A.

Sound great? Well it is! If you would like to start on the Osmosis Retinaldehyde and your main concern is anti ageing you will need the Osmosis Correct Serum. Start off by using this every night after you cleanse and before your moisturiser. Then after a few weeks, start using it morning and night.

If your main priority is calming the skin and treating rosacea, I recommend you start off on the Osmosis Mend Serum. I have found this key for clients wanting to strengthen and support a sensitive/rosacea skin. The mission of Mend is to make the skin strong again, and that it does!

If want to target breakouts and minimize pores, the Osmosis Clarify Serum is for you. An extremely effective serum containing our best friend - Retinaldehyde.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about Osmosis and incorporating it into your regime here I am happy to assist.

Browse through the Osmosis Skin Care Products Here

Get the skin YOU want today!

Happy Skin Days,

Sarah Wilkinson
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Telomeres and Ageing

I have written about Telomeres before, but I this is a topic that I want to discuss further. Telomeres are like a protective tip that cap the end of our DNA,  that keep our chromosomes stable. A telomere is part of our DNA that controls ageing.
So if shortening Telomeres are linked to ageing, how do they shorten?
How do Telomeres shorten?
  • Free radical damage to our DNA from antioxidaant deficiency. This deficiency causes mutations in our protein and DNA. 
  • Cross Linkage - where sugar molecules bind with protein molecules creating blobs of gunk called AGE's (Advanced Glycation End Products). These build up, cause inflammation and a variety of disease and ageing. 
  • External Threats such as environmental pollution and toxins
  • Smoking, chronic stress, drinking, sleep deprivation, illnesses, hormonal imbalances, sedentary behaviour, obesity, exposure to environmental toxins and injury

Lengthening  the telomeres of healthy cells can prevent a whole range of diseases, by boosting our immune system and making our DNA more stable. This in turn will extend the life span of our cells. 

How can we lengthen Telomeres or our Biological Clock?
  • The enzyme Telomerase will rebuild your Telomeres. We all have the enzyme Telomerase in our cells, but typically the gene is turned off or repressed. As we get older the amount of Telomerase declines.
  • In a cell where Telomerase gene enzyme is turned on, the Telomere is rebuilt automatically.
  • One ingredient: TA-65 made from the extract of a Chinese herb Astragalus which was discovered by Geron Corporation. There have been rigorous tests done by Geron and Sierra Sciences, to prove this ingredient does lengthen the Telomeres by activating Telomerase.
  • Within the next decade Telomere therapy will be available. 
Hoe can we prevent Telomeres shortening?
  • Exercise - short bursts of high intensity exercise
  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • Sleep
  • Vitamin D
  • Meditation and Stress Management
  • Antioxidant Supplements
  • Omega 3 Fish Oils
  • Glutathione - 600mg twice daily
  • L-Carnosine - 1000mg daily
  • Coenzyme Q 10- 200-60mg daily

I am sure over the next decade we will learn a lot more about Telomeres and the impact of shortening on the ageing process.
A healthy life balance, with a good skin care routine to supply vital antioxidants and minerals to the skin is as much as we can do to save our Telomeres from shortening.

If you want to go through a skin care plan tailor made just for you, please contact me here for a skin analysis.

Happy Skin Days

X Sarah Wilkinson
Skin Matrix

ref: aestheticis practioners journal Spring 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome to the New Skin Matrix

I have finally finished all the updates and changes to the Skin Matrix Website. To my regulars you will notice some treatments have been tweaked, some gone and of course the location and operating hours have changed. My reduced hours will in turn and I feel already have made me a better therapist to give even more to all of you when I see you. 
I am operating by appointment only as I will no longer be in a shop front situation, so please do contact me via email or phone to discuss any skin issues and advice.  I am still here on a daily basis to assist you in achieving your skin goals. My contact details are here.
Skin Matrix now has FREE POSTAGE for all online purchases. Purchase Osmosis, Botanical Blessings, and Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up through the secure online shopping cart.

Buy Jane Iredale Online

I am excited for the months ahead. I will be learning a new technique for anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation that I know will take you all by storm. Stay tuned, more news coming in the following months about this. 

Please take a look through the new Skin Matrix website, I hope you enjoy it!
I look forward to seeing you all at the new location in October. 

Happy Skin Days, 

X Sarah Wilkinson

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