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Monday, June 25, 2012

New information on Osmosis Restore Products

Ben Johnson the creator of the Osmosis Range has once again raised the bar within the Skin Care Industry. Restore Topical and Internal have been available for purchase for over 6 months now and feedback thus far from my clients has been nothing but positive. 
Restore is a revolutionary new neutraceutical that combines modern technology and an ancient Chinese medicinal herb. The result is a remarkable increase in the health and strength of your immune system. When your immune system is strong, it is capable of correcting virtually every disease and imbalance the body may face. Restore removes toxins, reduces inflammation and repairs protein damage thus promoting the healing of every tissue, including the skin.
Restore is designed to improve and strengthen the body and skin for overall wellness. It will assist in treating and preventing disease thus enabling a healthy life. Should you be experiencing any of the below conditions, it is recommended to use Restore daily for:
  • Aging body and skin (all ages)
  • Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Liver and Age Spots
  • Weak or Suppressed Immune System
  • Disease or Illness
  • Deteriorating Organs or Joints
  • Hyperpigmentation:
I have some excerpts below from Ben Johnson himself on the Osmosis Restore Products.....

So how does Restore Healing Work?
 "Restore™ is the single greatest anti-inflammatory product in the world. What makes it special is that it is the only anti-inflammatory that also repairs the damaged area at the same time. To make that point more clear, here is an example; aspirin is a well-known anti-inflammatory ingredient that specifically interferes with the "inflammation cascade" thereby reducing inflammation. However, in doing so it interferes with the body's healing response resulting in incomplete or delayed healing. Ibuprofen and similar products have the same effect. They are not products that should be taken regularly for this reason. Also, steroids and antibiotics reduce the healing response in the body even though they may reduce inflammation. In contrast, we use willow herb extract and some other plant based ingredients that calm inflammation but allow healing to continue the way the body intended. Restore™ has the unique ability to heal damage and calm inflammation at the same time." Ben Johnson

Restore™ Topical 
"Pigmentation is the main reason why people will use Restore™ Topical. Don't give up hope if your age spots are not responding dramatically after a few months, that simply means the damage was greater than anticipated. We are finding that the larger or darker the spot, the longer it takes to complete the healing process which should make sense since it usually signifies more significant damage. Restore™ can darken an existing spot during the process but that is the molecule's effect on melanin, not a worsening of the problem." 

Restore™ Topical should be applied as a spot treatment several minutes before applying one pump of it with the rest of your regimen. A bottle lasts about a month with this strategy.

Restore™ Topical can also be used as "mother's little helper" as it is amazing for treating scrapes, burns, bites, acne, etc. Apply it directly to the afflicted area for best results." Ben Johnson

 Restore™ Internal 
"One very important thing we have learned is that while we may have an idea of what we want Restore™ to do in our body, it appears to focus its attention on the most pressing health issue. You may or may not be aware of this issue. The reason this is important is because the timeline for your results may vary depending on how much of the active ingredient is being diverted to your body's top priorities. We also know that more is not better because it does not serve you to generate excessive repair in your system. Restore™ is utilized in the first 4 hours after ingestion or application. For this reason, taking higher doses in the AM and PM is not necessarily optimal to make up for a missed mid-day dose. Ideally, with Restore™ Internal, you place 8 drops under the tongue and wait 4 minutes before swallowing three times a day (4-6 drops for children or pets). If you miss your mid-day dose, you simply have missed the opportunity to activate repair for those 4 hours. We have clients who have been on an earlier version of Restore™ for years who report amazing results from just one dose a day, however, depending on your issues, that may or may not be sufficient. We continue to recommend that for the fastest result, three times a day is best. For those of you who have consumed above 8 drops 2-3 times a day, no harm was done. Remember, Restore™ is simply repairing damage and some people may find that 12 drops is where they get the best result. HIV patients and other more significant medical issues may actually need those higher doses, but most of us will not require this." Ben Johnson

Side Effects
"Some of you may find that Restore™ Topical causes you to peel or creates small areas of redness, flaking or "irritation". Again, this is repair in action and we have found that these problems resolve over time. If you get significant peeling, we advise you to use less and increase the quantity slowly." Ben Johnson

"We see a brightening to the skin in 30-60 days. However some of you report little or no benefit has been noticed after 6-8 weeks. For the vast majority of those cases, we ask you to take an inventory of any and all medical or dental concerns to make sure you have not forgotten about an issue that no longer bothers you. A small minority of you may not improve from Restore™, but I must emphasize that it will be a very rare occurrence. Most likely, the issue you are taking it for is not an easy one to resolve and so the process may take a month or two longer than the average person." Ben Johnson

 Happy Skin Days, 
Sarah Wilkinson
Skin Matrix

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